How to get your iTunes card online safely

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To avoid fraudulent and unauthorized sales of iTunes codes on the Internet, Apple has decided to regain control of this market and its various distribution channels. Learn how to continue to enjoy these codes safely.

ITunes cards are well known to users of Apple products and services. They provide content on iTunes, the App Store, the Mac App Store, and the iBook Store without the need to use their credit card through a single-use code. Besides these physical cards sold in store, it is possible to buy, directly on the Internet, iTunes codes in digital format.

Until last year, websites with iTunes codes were extremely numerous. As a result of this proliferation, most of these sites were not licensed, and many proposed codes of unknown provenance that sometimes proved to be common scams.

Thinking about the iTunes code market

In order to preserve its customers from such inconveniences, and to avoid tainting its brand image, Apple has decided to regain control of this market and its distribution channels by closing the vast majority of international sales sites. Only a handful of them, the most serious, have been selected as official dealers., a trusted site for purchasing iTunes codes

Among these trustworthy sites are the very serious, formerly known as Active since 2009 in 13 European countries, the site has many advantages over its competitors, but also at the Apple Store and other physical shops.

Several user-friendly options

The platform offers iTunes codes worth € 15 and € 100. It distinguishes itself by the various methods of payment available to its customers. It is also possible to choose the exact amount of a code, to the nearest one, in a range between 15 € and 500 €, thanks to the Variable iTunes Codes option. Finally, offers an option iTunes Cadeaux, to offer to its relatives by sending them the code directly by mail.

The site is also distinguished by its customer service, located in France, reachable 7 days a week including during holidays and public holidays. In short, is a reliable, profitable and listening platform for our customers that we recommend for purchasing iTunes codes.

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