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How to use a gift code in iTunes for an AppStore application

We regularly offer you to earn promotional codes for free applications. Some winners are distraught when they receive a series of letters and numbers as a reward. Here is a very formal way to enjoy your gift without risking to buy the application inadvertently. AppStore promotion codes are used just like the iTunes card codes […]

How to create an iTunes account without a credit card

You just gave the last one an Apple smartphone. During the iPhone activation process, you will be asked to create an iTunes account and enter your credit card number to validate the procedure. You may not want to associate a form of payment with this new account. Do not panic there is a 100% legal […]

How to get your iTunes card online safely

To avoid fraudulent and unauthorized sales of iTunes codes on the Internet, Apple has decided to regain control of this market and its various distribution channels. Learn how to continue to enjoy these codes safely. ITunes cards are well known to users of Apple products and services. They provide content on iTunes, the App Store, […]

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